Map reveals Isle gas appliances at risk of danger

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More than 30 gas appliances across the Isle of Axholme have been ruled as dangerous and at risk of causing carbon monoxide poisoning or even an explosion.

s Engineers who inspected homes and businesses in the area over the last three years found there were 32 unsafe gas appliances at properties in Epworth, Westwoodside and Misterton.

The cookers, boilers and fires checked were ruled to be at risk of causing a gas fire, explosion, leak or potentially carbon monoxide poisoning.

The figures were revealed on an interactive map, which shows the statistics by post code, launched by the Gas Safe Register (GSR), the UK’s official register of gas engineers.

Russell Kramer, chief executive for GSR, said: “Gas safety is a life or death matter and something that shouldn’t be ignored.

“People are aware of the potential risks of unsafe gas work and they know what they should be doing to keep themselves safe, but as our research has found, not everyone is acting on that information.

“This is why we have launched the gas map. We want people to realise that gas safety is something that they should take seriously and by bringing it to their doorstep it makes it harder to ignore.”

The map, the first time different post codes have been compared, was compiled using data given to the GSR by registered engineers.

It shows there were 14 at risk appliances in Epworth, nine in Westwoodside, and nine in Misterton.

For more information about gas safety advice and to view the interactive map visit