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A lone campaigner fighting for Mexborough proved to be the shock result of this year’s Doncaster Council election.

Andy Pickering, fighting under the banner “Working for Mexborough, The Forgotten Town,” seized the seat from Labour by 120 votes.

An emotional Mr Pickering said: “I can barely speak. This is a brilliant result and sends out a message that the electorate of Mexborough cannot be taken for granted by Doncaster Council.

“Our town has been neglected by Doncaster for many years. I now intend to ask awkward questions that other councillors are not prepared to ask.”

Mr Pickering, who ousted sitting Labour councillor David Holland, said: “I knew it would be close but I’m so pleased to have won.

“I think it was a variety of things that helped me triumph, but the main reason is the people of Mexborough feel forgotten by Doncaster and I intend to change that.”

He polled 1,193 votes - ahead of Labour who finished second with UKIP securing third place.

There were no other shocks in the Dearne wards, with Sandra Holland retaining Conisbrough and Denaby with a majority of 303 while both Sprotbrough and Torne Valley were held by the Conservatives.

Meanwhile The United Kingdom Independence Party was the big winner at the European elections in Yorkshire.

UKIP topped the poll in Doncaster where Labour leader Ed Miliband has his Doncaster North constituency _ UKIP polled 24,240; Labour 23,743; Tories 9,747 and the Lib Dems 1,869.

UKIP won half of the six available seats for the Yorkshire and the Humber region, up from its one representative at the last elections five years ago.

Elsewhere, Labour doubled its representation from one to two, while the Tories clinched the other seat - down from the two it won last time around.

The British National Party and Liberal Democrats were the other losers, losing the seats they held.

MEPS elected in Yorkshire and the Humber are Jane Collins, Amjad Bashir and Mike Hookem for UKIP, Linda McAvan and Richard Corbett for Labour and Tory Timothy Kirkhope.


Conisbrough and Denaby

Sandra Mary Holland - Labour Party 1568

William Shaw - UK Independence Party 1265

Steve Williams - Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition 327

Turnout: 31%

Majority 303



Frank Lloyd Calladine - UK Independence Party 914

Ann Gillbert - Green Party 82

David Holland - Labour Party 1073

Andy Pickering - Working for Mexborough, The Forgotten Town 1193

Brian Whitmore - English Democrats 82

Turnout: 30%

Majority 120



David Allen - English Democrats 217

Nigel Ball - Labour Party 958

Paul Bissett - UK Independence Party 867

Bob Gilbert - Green Party 233

Alan Smith - Conservative Party 1240

Turnout: 37%

Majority 282


Torne Valley

David Adgar - Liberal Democrats 342

Eddie Dobbs - Labour Party 805

Andy Fisher - Green Party 132

James Vincent Hart - Conservative Party 1306

Ray Mullis - Doncaster First Independents Group 99

Rebecca Walters - UK Independence Party 1120

Turnout: 38%

Majority 186

The new make up of the council is Labour 48 (-2), Conservatives 8 (no change), Independents 3 (+1), Lib Dem 2 (-1), UKIP 1 (+1), Other 1 (+1)




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