Swordsmen wow Conisbrough Castle crowds

NSYT 24-8-14 Swords, Jake McLean (4) from Denaby, in Viking outfit

NSYT 24-8-14 Swords, Jake McLean (4) from Denaby, in Viking outfit

More than 1000 visitors piled into Conisbrough Castle over the Bank Holiday Weekend to witness knights doing battle in live sword fights.

A trio of medieval sword masters were at the visitor attraction all Bank Holiday Weekend to show off their skills. They invited youngsters to learn how to dress like a noble knight and the intricacies of swordsmanship.

The three tutors also demonstrated some of the techniques used in ‘Trial by Combat’, in which someone accused of a crime to which there were no witnesses would fight their accuser. They believed God would always support the innocent party and was used as an alternative to facing the death penalty.

One of the daring knights also accepted an ‘ice bucket challenge’ and had a bucket of cold water dumped over his head to raise money to help people suffering from Motor Neurone Disease. Gavin Smithies, castle site manager, said: “It went really well and people who came had a fantastic time. The weather on Sunday was great and we had about 800 people through the door in one day.

“The youngsters really enjoyed the sword fighting and learning how knights used to do battle.”




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