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GP surgeries, hospitals and care centres in Doncaster are backing a national NHS campaign to raise awareness of dementia amongst their staff.

Over 3,800 people in Doncaster have the disease. A new poster campaign has been launched to raise awareness.

Dr Ayesha Zafar, a GP at Rossington’s West End Clinic and the CCG’s lead clinician for dementia, said: “We all need to be more aware of what we can do to help patients with dementia, not least because they often feel vulnerable and in need of extra reassurance and support. The key message behind the campaign is ‘remember the person’, in other words look after the person before the dementia.

“There is a lot of work going on nationally about dementia with GPs, so this campaign is targeting other members of staff who work in Doncaster GP surgeries – receptionists, practice nurses and other staff who may come into contact with patients during the course of their work. The campaign materials are also being rolled out at hospitals and care centres.

“We want to raise their awareness of dementia and encourage them to think about whether an older patient who appears confused, or may be hard to understand, may have the condition and needs kindness and understanding.”