Doncaster teen jailed for burglary

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A Doncaster teenager has been jailed for two years at Sheffield Crown Court for a sneak-in burglary at Edenthorpe, and attacking a police officer.

The 17-year-old, who lives in Doncaster town centre, crept into the house at Sunnyside through an insecure kitchen door at 3.25am on October 18 while the occupants were asleep upstairs. He stole a £400 Sony laptop and a wallet, which was later discarded.

The householders discovered the burglary at 9am, reported it to police and the youth was picked up later that day.

He appeared at Doncaster Magistrates’ Court the next day where he assaulted a male police officer.

The judge sentenced him to 18 months in custody for the burglary and six months for the assault, to run consecutively.